Red Velvet Cake Pop Recipe

valentine's day red velvet cake pops It’s delicious! It’s fun! And it’s easy to make! Over the past few years, red velvet cake pops have been a hit on all kinds of parties, whether it be in children’s parties, weddings, birthdays or any kind of event! And with Valentine’s day fast approaching, there has never been a better time to try this little recipe. The taste of red velvet cake pops is so mouth-watering and delicious that guests will keep on asking for more. You can even make a profit out of it by supplying them to parties.

That being said, here is an easy red velvet cake pops recipe that you can easily follow.

Red Velvet Cake Pop Recipe

Red Velvet Cake Pop Recipe

Ingredients and Whatnot

  • 18 ¼ ounces of red velvet cake mix
  • 12 ounces of cream cheese frosting
  • Candy coating of your choice, about 48 ounces
  • Lollipop sticks (preferably paper lollipop sticks)
  • Sprinkles, nuts and other decorations


  1. Follow the instructions on the red velvet cake mix box and bake it. Once it is baked let it cool down.
  2. Once the red velvet cake is cold enough, crumble it into fine pieces and place it in a large bowl.
  3. Fold the cream cheese frosting into the cake crumbles. Use the back of a spoon to do this. A spatula may be too soft for this job.
  4. If the mixture is soft enough, take a portion of the mixture and roll it into a ball with a 1 ½ inch diameter. If the mixture does not hold into place, then this means you need to add more cream cheese frosting.
  5. Cover the balls with plastic wrap
  6. Place the covered balls in the refrigerator and let it stay there for 2 - 3 hours. If you are rushing this preparation, you may place it in a freezer for 15 minutes.
  7. Choose the color of your candy coating and place it in a microwavable bowl and let it melt. Make sure you stir it every 30 seconds.
  8. Take a Styrofoam block and place it on wax paper. Take your lollipop sticks and poke it in the red velvet pops. If they don't stick, then dip the lollipop stick slightly on the melted candy to act as candy glue.
  9. Dip the cake pop into the melted candy and let it dry by letting it stand in the Styrofoam block.
  10. Be creative and decorate the cake pops with sprinkles of your choice.

Some Tips to Help You Out!

If you are having a hard time looking for ready-made cream cheese frosting, you can simply mix cream cheese frosting with heavy whip cream. Use an electric mixer to whip the cream cheese until it is fluffy and then add the heavy cream and whip them together.

To make the presentation of your cake pops better, use ribbons that you can tie to your lollipop sticks. You can even make faces on the cake pops by using chocolate droplets as eyes and sprinkles as hair. You can also make cake pop animals which are perfect for children’s parties.

There are red candy coating blocks that you can melt as well. If you use red as candy coating, guests can easily figure out that you are serving red velvet cake pops!

This will also be a great activity for the kids to do! Enjoy and have fun baking your Valentines Day cake pops!

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